“I attended a charitable event Matt was hosting over the summer and took advantage of the opportunity to see him work. I could tell, right away, that while Matt is young and eager, he is an exceptionally talented individual with an eye for outstanding shots.  Matt possesses not only the equipment and knowledge to shoot, but the eye, hand, and artistry necessary to take eye-popping, mesmerizing shots.  From slow rollers, to exhilarating action, his work runs the gamut, and captures the essence of a moment in a way so that the viewer can appreciate not just the beauty of the car, but experience what is depicted in that moment in time.  I love his work, which could be summarized simple as “great stuff,” but that doesn’t do it justice.  Take a look for yourself. Oh, and did I mention that he is a pleasure to deal with?  Thank you, Matty!

               -B. Silverbush


“I want to thank you for photographing our Lamborghini Aventador today. I am sure you did a good job. You are a very professional young man and when you become famous for your work , we can say we know you.”

                -G. & R. Sullivan 


“Matt is very sincere and took a genuine interest in the project. Hard to explain unless you have actually used him in the past. To say that he “dug in” might be the best way to state it. His attention to details is what blew us away on the final product. Just amazing attention to the details! Matt followed up immediately – and still stays in contact with us! That standpoint alone makes our decision the easiest in the future. We look forward to working with Matt again very soon!”

               -D. Ducharme 


“Matt is a very talented photographer, that I have had the opportunity to have shoot my cars; both still, and in movement.  He has been a pleasure to work with, and his passion shows through with the quality of his work.”

               -J. Muro